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Puerto Rico Beach Wedding | Copamarina Resort & Spa | Jessica + Ethan

Oh my god oh my gawd let me tell you the day this wedding was booked I was freaking out. First, you literally drive through mountains for 2 hours just to get to the resort and its surrounded by crystal blue waters and beaches. it smells great, so much color and warmth and breeze, its such a thrill. So was the experience with Jessica + Ethan because we all met through friends and it became e lifelong relationship. Ethan a really nice and thoughtful dude, Jessica is gorgeous and caring. They have amazing chemistry and genuine love for one another. And their daughter Katherine who was born a bit before, is stunning and cute and all things girly. This an entire day was one long dream come true so I leave with you this....

Planner/Coordinator: Unique Events by Monique

Jessica's Dress: Brides for a Cause

Ethan's Suit: Etsy

Baker: D'Lights

Officiant: Tanya Beauchamp

Cocktail Hour: Cuerdos