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How Weddings Work

December 9th 2023 Gratia + Becky Wedding Portraits

       See a Glimpse of the Process.      

Helping You Every Step of The Way

Most people get married only once in their life, so it's totally ok if you have lots of questions! It's a new experience with so many details and traditions to consider, and you have to decide what's best for you.


There's no wrong answer!

From the moment you book me to when your online gallery is delivered by email, you'll have my full attention and care. I can help you fine-tune the schedule of your wedding so we catch the best light for intimate portraits, find the best location for your engagements, or help you with recommendations for makeup artists, florists, and other wedding vendors.

Just understand how honored I will be as your Wedding Photographer!

Step 01

Step 02

Step 03

Step 04

Let's Chat and See if I Am Right For You.

September 9th 2023 Kelly + Kevin Wedding Ceremony

You Pay a Non-Refundable Retainer and Sign a Contract

February 23rd 2024 Jessica + Ethan Wedding Portraits

Let's Have an Engagement Session + Capture Your Wedding

May 25th 2023 Nicole + Marc Wedding Portraits

Your Gallery Is Delivered Within 6-8 Weeks

September 23rd 2023 Brianna + Tyler Wedding Portraits
September 3rd 2023 Melanie + Dominic Wedding Portraits

Preserve Your Memories

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