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Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​How long have you been shooting? I picked up a camera in Summer 2014 and have been in business since Summer 2019! Weddings are the grand slam of photoshoots! It's like getting an Oscar!

  • Sneak Peeks turnaround time? ​24-72 hours per client for lifestyle, for weddings I allow myself up to 10 days but 99% of the time its within a day!

  • Gallery turnaround time? Wedding Gallery delivery is 6-8 weeks (now offering In-Person Viewings for these!), other sessions are all IPS (Shoot, Edit, Present and Deliver) in one day! ​​

  • How do I book you? ​All photoshoots require a non-refundable retainer to book. Diezel + Keenum Wedding Collections are $900 to book, Hennessie + Intimate Collections are $800 to book. Each come with a contract, invoice + print release PDF file. Retainer needs to be paid with the signed contract to officially book! Lifestyle shoots vary for booking retainer!

  • Do you have a team? Nope! Running solo!

  • Where are you based out of? Rochester, MN! I refuse to publicize the address for security purposes.

  • How Does Travel Work? Travel varies if not a Minnesota Wedding. Discussion happens at booking conference!

  • Do you help us with the wedding timeline? Yes! My clients love that I produce a timeline when I am showing up and heading home! Along with a Vendor/Names Reference Guide to confirm all vendors and wedding party names, as well as introducing the family shot list system!

  • What if you can't make it to our wedding? If for some unforeseen reason I can't make it to your wedding (acts of God, injury, illness or death) I will automatically find a fellow photographer to take my place who I can trust to take care of you. I am contractually obligated to do this but I have never had this occur in my career. If I am not able to do this, you will be fully refunded.

  • What if we need to cancel/move our shoot/wedding? The retainer fee is non-refundable for the date you book with me. If you need to rebook, we can cancel your current contract and you are more than welcome to rebook on the desired date with a new retainer paid. I have to consider turned down other weddings/sessions/work for this date to book yours.

  • How do you back up the photos from my wedding/lifestyle event? I have my hard drives where everything goes. All my clients can be ensured your photos are never gone.

  • How do you accept payment? Payments can be made online through HoneyBook or I can do checks, cash, Venmo, etc. I am universal!

  • How many images can we expect from our wedding/lifestyle shoot/event? ​All Original Edited Images + Gifs returned for Weddings. Boudoir + Lifestyle sessions are separated into two options: 30-min fee ($300) or 1-hr fee ($550). You receive a # of images included and then the rest are $20/image.

  • What equipment do you work with? Canon R6, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Sigma 24-70mm 2.8, and Canon 50mm 1.2

  • What do we wear for photos? Neutrals! Whites, blues, khakis, blacks, maroon, olive green, cream, etc. Avoid: neons, yellows, pinks, etc. 

  • How do you deliver photos? Through Pic-Time where they are organized and ready for to view, download and share! You can also order prints through here!

  • Does the photographer retain the copyright to the images? Does that mean we can share them?​ Yes! This means when you invest in your photographer, they (me) own the rights to every image. Depending on the session (boudoir), I will remind you that certain photos will not be released without your written consent.​

  • Can anyone else take photos while you're taking photos? I always request an unplugged ceremony. I understand family members or close friends wan too get that ceremony shot on their big iPad or iPhone, however if I am worrying about someone behind me or over my shoulders I won't be giving you my full attention. I also want family and friends to be fully present while you commit to loving each other forever. So asking the officiant to announce and unplugged ceremony is something to consider!

  • Do you release unedited versions or the RAWs of photos? Nope. 

  • Can you Photoshop us? No. I stand my ground in this because I believe in showcasing how beautiful you can look from my point of view and the best angles. I promote self-love and body positivity. Unless its acne or bruises.

  • Can we share our images on social media? Absolutely!

  • Can you shoot only our engagement if you’re unavailable for our wedding? Yes!​

  • Can we bring our pets? Yes!

  • Do you offer discounts or freebies? The only discount I offer is in the realm of Zodiac Signs. If you are an Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) or Gemini (May 21-June 21), you receive 10% off anything! Otherwise "Free" doesn't pay my bills!

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