• What is your turnaround time? For my boudoir + lifestyle sessions, it’s 2-3 weeks. I usually complete the gallery as early as convenience allows. For weddings, it is 6-8 weeks!

  • How do I book you? Boudoir + Lifestyle Sessions, it’s 50% of the total amount. For weddings, it’s 30% down. We can go over this in detail during the booking process. No matter what you invest in, it comes with a contract + a print release providing you printing rights. 

  • Do you help us with the wedding timeline? ABSOLUTELY! When you book me, you’re booking a: location scouter, wardrobe coordinator, someone who pays attention to detail, people coordinator, etc. I become your next best friend for the entire timeframe between booking + your wedding day. Finally, you receive a 7-page detail planning guide to track + confirm all vendors, # of members attending, timeline confirmation, etc. 

  • How do you back up the photos from my wedding/lifestyle shoot/event? I have my three hard drives where everything goes. All my clients can be ensured your photos are never gone.

  • How do you accept payment? In multiple ways! Venmo, Check, Cash, FB Messenger Pay, CashApp

  • How many images can we expect from our wedding/lifestyle shoot/event? With weddings, depends on the collection, my clients receive 600-1,800. Lifestyle sessions are available by Collections, 1-4. It starts from the lowest cost to the highest cost. With each one, you receive a specific # of images for free and then the rest is by purchase (additional images or the entire gallery). Each comes with an 11x14 Gallery Wrapped Canvas (you choose which 

    image), print release PDF file, and a payment plan (optional).

  • Do your prices include tax? Yes!

  • What’s the cost if we have you travel for our wedding/lifestyle shoot/event? 56¢ a mile! This can be explained later on too!

  • What equipment do you work with? Canon R6, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 85mm 1.4, my flash, my tripod + umbrella (if/when needed).

  • How do we decide on outfits + location(s)? I’ll help out with ALL of this. Clients receive my outfit selection guide that details what colors work the best for the editing process. This guide is produced from years of trial + error, hours of editing/putting colors together, etc. Regarding locations, I have a recomendations from rooftops, big fields of grass, to waterfalls and downtown/urban vibes. 

  • How do you deliver photos? Through a gallery hosting website that comes out of my pocket $. This allows me to send your gallery through email, in which you can download, print + share to social media!

  • Can we order prints of your images or does that cost extra? Yes you can! All digital images are YOURS. Regarding ordering through ME, print costs are higher because I get commission + it’s through a higher-quality printing lab.

  • Does the photographer retain the copyright to the images? Does that mean we can share them? Yes! This means when you invest in your photographer, they (me) own the rights to every. single. image taken/released. Depending on the session (boudoir), I will remind you that certain photos will not be released without your written consent.

  • Do you release unedited versions or the RAWs of photos? NOPE. 

  • Can we share our images on social media? Absolutely! I do lots of promoting on Instagram + Facebook (mainly Insta). Tag me, mention my name or comment my website. Just as long as I’m mentioned, it doesn’t matter!

  • Can you shoot only our engagement if you’re unavailable for our wedding? Of course! 

  • Can we bring our pets to the shoot? Omg this isn’t even a question!!!!

  • Do you use professional equipment, and should I be worried that your equipment might fail? Yes I do. I have a back up camera + SD cards in case something happens. Be rest assured that I take great care of my equipment.

  • I sometimes hear about the bride + groom regret of not investing in a good photographer on their wedding day. Why is this? Here’s what I have to say: you could invest in a photographer who cost 5K + their photos could be…eh. You could do the same for someone who costs 1K + turn out phenomenal. It’s all about your research + who will provide the best experience. I say “experience” a lot because it’s what you’re getting. I don’t just click a button, get my check + go home to edit. Every. Single. Wedding/Session/Shoot/Event has a LOT of backend work. You’re getting someone who knows how to: direct, communicate effectively, knows the best lighting in ANY scenario, knows the most flattering angles, understands color coordination, etc etc. I want you to keep that in mind :) you’re getting someone with years of experience from: endless research, hundreds of editing hours, shooting in bright daylight versus primetime lighting during golden hour.

Additionally, I have questions I'd like you (and your s/o) to ask YOURSELVES: Does your (potential) photographer know how to communicate well? How many years do they have under their belt? Have you noticed their direction and if you like it? Is their personality from the start (online) the same when you met in person? Do they understand/capture flattering angles (think about THIS one ladies)? Do they take care of all your photo needs? Are they creative? Can you TRUST them to capture emotion? Do they have good social skills? Do they know how to work in any lighting situation? Can they handle wearing the boss pants on your big day?