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How Lifestyle Works

April 7th 2023 Bee Olson Newborn Call

       See a Glimpse of the Process.      

Helping You Every Step of The Way

Lifestyle is a chance to showcase every family, mom (new or soon-to-be), couple or individual how universal they can look in front of my camera. You're investing hard earned money and trust in me to bring visions to life through ideas and concepts and artistic creation.

Per client, I fine tune, polish and produce the highest quality of imagery/Gifs after years of practice.

Step 01

Connect + Get Your Proposal

May 24th 2023 Chelsey + Trevor Couples Model Call

From concept/idea creation to location scouting to image delivery, there’s lots going into each photo session. First step is to get an idea of what your vision is and find out what kind of budget is required to bring it to life. My favorite way to communicate ideas and make sure we’re on the same page mood boards and inspiration images. Mood boards help to dictate style, location, and the overall feel of the shoot.

Step 02

Make a Plan

August 7th 2022 Sage Kermes's Bachorelette Party

Once the concept is finalized, I’ll use that to build the shoot logistics (location, time of day, details shot list). 

Step 03


March 25th 2022 Yudth Maternity Sesh

Time to create! This is my time to shine and show you the beautiful imagery with my version of editing. I strive for comfortability, professionalism, and fun on set. The goal is to escape into our little world and be creatively free.

Step 04

Edit + Deliver

October 14th 2022 Morgan Meaney Fam Sesh

After the shoot, there is 2 options for gallery delivery: same day viewing in my home/using my computer, OR, wait until gallery is delivered by email within a week!

May 22nd 2022 Ashley, Riley + Lilliana Fam Sesh (Forrest's Version)

Preserve Your Memories

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