These are messages I've received on my phone (yes you get my phone # for communication) from former clients regarding their experience/thoughts on their session/photos.

"Wow. I am speechless about our engagement pictures. I am beyond in love with these, Forrest. We couldn't have asked for anything better! Thank you so much for capturing "us". Can't wait for our wedding! I seriously CANNOT STOP STARING AT THEM!!! They are so beautiful and so perfect."

"I've finally gotten a moment to reflect and internalize this past weekend. Forrest, I want to know that your professionalism, poise, and ability to adapt made for a weekend that I am still feel so overjoyed from. Adele and I are so happy to have shared this day and I know for a fact that it wouldn't have been the same without you there."

"Having someone that I've know for a long time being our photographer allowed me to relax and be comfortable with everything and that's irreplaceable in my eyes. You have made an everlasting impact in my life and I wouldn't of wanted anyone else. Thank you Forrest for everything."

"I had no idea what I was doing when I first approached Forrest about photos. Let me tell you, this guy is a gem. He answered all our questions and guided us through everything like it was second nature. When it came to the first shoot, it only took a brief chat to feel at ease. Afterwards, it was laughs and smiles all the way. It was like we'd hired a friend in the end and we couldn't have asked for a better one. Forrest has got such an artistic eye and warm personality. Absolutely pleased with the end results - the photos were perfect!"

"FORREST I'm so fricken pumped for our wedding photos now. Holy crapper dapper you are a gem."

"Oh. My. God. My heart is overflowing with the most beautiful sentiments right now. For, my family is literally beaming with happiness and the happy tears are flowing nonstop. These pictures will be treasured for the entirety of our lifetimes...thank you so much from the bottom of my family's heart."

"I looked at them on my phone and I loved what i saw!! Thank you so much, you’re amazing and I’m in awe with your work. It takes a special person to caption the love between people through a camera lens and you nailed it. I can see the love in our eyes and through our laughter. I know I’m going to cry when I look at them on my laptop! Can’t wait to hang these in our home and show our kids one day the love dad and mom had for one another at such a young age and how we still look at each other the same way! Thank you."

"Forrest was incredible! I absolutely loved that he poured his whole heart into everything about our wedding. Sometimes he was even more excited than we were! He did our engagement shots (which I LOVED) and it has been absolutely incredible to watch him grow as a photographer even just over a short year and show himself up with our wedding! He did it all on his own with some tricks up his sleeve and gave us some phenomenal pictures along with some of my favorites that I never even knew were possible. And then not to mention he had our ENTIRE gallery to us literally NINE - yes 9 ***DAYS*** after our wedding while he still had other shoots and his personal life going on. He left me truly in love and speechless."

"Such an amazing shoot. I couldn't ask for better photos or a better photographer who really took the time to learn who we were as a couple. You're so amazing, Forrest."

"Marshall & I have finally found some time to get through all of our wedding pics, and we are so happy with how well you captured all the special moments on our wedding day! We are so excited to have these pictures to treasure & look back on."

"I've only glanced at them and they are AMAZING. I'm so excited for the wedding I can't even handle it. You're so amazing!"

"I am extremely happy with our experience with Forrest Seuser Photography, senior pictures for my twin sons. he is so easy to work with. Right from the start, I was impressed with his positive energy. He is personable. helpful, fun and has such talent. He knows lighting, backgrounds, clothing, poses and how to put it all together professionally. The turnaround time was extremely fast and the value was excellent. I would recommend him to anyone."

"They are stunning! You captured the way Matthew looks at me with such love and I am so grateful for that! The lighting is amazing. I am so happy we decided to shoot with you! You are extremely talented! Thank you for everything."

"Both bawling our eyes out atm. Love you x infinity Forrest. These pics are truly more than words and will be so treasured. It feels really empty to not expect a session with you any time soon but you better believe this isn't the last!"

"Forrest is amazing to work with. He comes up with original photo ideas and he is always positive and upbeat! Turn around time to receive the gallery was so quick!"

"Oh My God Forrest. I'm speechless and literally tearing up at my desk at work right now. These are so amazing and way beyond what I had dreamed. It makes me so much more excited for the wedding day and I didn't think that was possible."