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1. Agreement: This contract supersedes any and all prior agreements, whether oral or written, between the parties. In the event that any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to judicial decree or decision, the remainder of this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable. The section and paragraph headings used in this agreement are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of this agreement. If the parties wish to waive or alter one provision of this agreement on this contract and do so in writing, the other provisions shall remain unaffected.


2. Confirmation: A signed “Wedding Client Photography Service Contract” and payment of the non-refundable retainer are necessary to confirm the stated services from the Photographer.


3. Payment: Upon acceptance of the following terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, the Client shall remit payment to the Photographer. The Photographer is retained for the Client’s Lifestyle Event only when both the contract is signed and a non-refundable retainer of    is received and processed. The remaining balance    is due no later than one day prior to the Lifestyle Event. Failure to provide payment within the stated time frames shall render this agreement null and void, and the Photographer shall not be obligated to provide services, products, or to return any monies to the Client. Client is fully responsible for any returned payment or applicable bank fees. There is no penalty for early payment. 


4. Consultation: A meeting will occur at the time of booking and can be conducted via phone, email, or video chat. This meeting is an opportunity for the Clients to broadly outline requirements. Identify important persons and discuss the Wedding Photography Event. The Clients may wish to schedule a secondary consultation (about a week prior to the Wedding Photography Date) to go over details of the Wedding Photography Event, they may do so at no additional charge.


5. Cooperation: The Clients and the Photographer agree to fully cooperate and communicate in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome within the understanding of this contract.


6. Schedule: The collaborative efforts of the Clients and Photographer to plan and schedule photographic coverage of the   is designed to result in the production of beautiful photographs, documenting one of the most important days of your lives. Both the Clients and the Photographer are in agreement that cooperation, communication and good faith efforts to adhere to the schedule are essential to producing the best possible results. In cases where the wedding does not adhere to the schedule (whether from tardiness, acts of God, etc.) the Photographer will make every effort to compensate so as to make the best of any given circumstances, but cannot guarantee that the quantity of the work produced would be as much as it otherwise would be, absent the scheduling delays, disruptions and changes.


7. Copyright: The Photographer retains all copyrights and moral rights, including those not expressly granted in this agreement, to each and every photograph taken by the Photographer, indefinitely. The Photographer reserves the right to use any photograph for display, publication, promotion and advertising, or other purposes. The Client agrees to waive any right to examine or approve said photograph(s).


8. Model Release: The Clients grant the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns, the irrevocable and unlimited consent to use, publish and distribute the photographs of the Clients for advertising, editorial, commercial and any other purpose and in any manner, and to alter the photographs without restriction. The Clients hereby release the Photographer and its legal representatives, heirs and assigns from all liability and claims in connection with the photographs.


9. Artistic Release: Photographer will use reasonable efforts to ensure the Services are produced in a style consistent with Photographer's current portfolio and Photographer will use reasonable efforts to consult with Client and incorporate any reasonable suggestions. Client acknowledges and agrees that: Client has reviewed Photographer's previous work and portfolio and has a reasonable expectation that Photographer will perform the Services in a similar style. Photographer will use its artistic judgement when proving the Services and shall have final say regarding the aesthetic judgement and artistic quality of the Services. Disagreement with Photographer's aesthetic judgement or artistic ability are not valid reasons for termination of this Agreement or request of any monies returned.


10. Limited Liability: Should a situation occur where the Photographer is unable to photograph the Client’s Wedding Event, and a photographer with a similar skill is not available, liability to the Photographer is limited up to the return of the Contracted Rate. In the event of catastrophic equipment failure or loss beyond the control of the Photographer or photographers resulting in a loss of digital images, liability to the Photographer is limited up to the return of the Contracted Rate. The Photographer is not responsible or liable for delay caused by unforeseeable circumstances and/or acts of God. The Photographer is not responsible or liable for accidents arising from or relating to the providing of photographic services.


11. Booking Fee/Non-Refundable Retainer: The booking retainer is a non-refundable payment and secures your reservation for the services of the Photographer on the given date. In the event of a Client cancellation, the booking retainer will constitute liquidated damages and become forfeited by the Client. We have read, understood and agreed to the terms of this contract.


12. Travel: Out-of-State Wedding Events will be assessed a travel fee inclusive of reasonable airfare, lodging, parking, luggage, car rental, round trip.


13. Wedding Contract Schedule of Day: Schedule for the Wedding Photography Service Timeline: After the Wedding Contract has been signed by both the Photographer and Client, the Client shall be provided with a digital copy. If applicable, the parties shall mutually select a date and location for an engagement session. Digital images shall be made available within 2-3 weeks of the engagement session and 6-8 weeks of the wedding. Clients shall be provided a Wedding Business/Attendees Reference Guide prior to the Wedding Event. Client agrees to a final consultation, in person, phone, or video approximately one month (or earlier) prior to the Wedding Event in order to finalize all wedding details. 


14. Wedding Guests: Many guests will want to make their own photographs of the Clients. The Clients understand the importance of and agree to give the photographers precedence over wedding guests in order to fulfill the requirements of this agreement, as it describes elsewhere in this document. The Photographer will not be held liable for missed photographs that are a result of interruptions and obstructions that interfere with photographing the day.


15. House Rules: Please note that photography professionals may sometimes be limited by rules imposed by registrars, ministers and venue management as to what can and cannot be done. In some situations there may be limitations on flash photography, and in others, photographers may be prohibited from working in restricted areas. In such circumstances the Clients accept that these encumbrances will restrict the quality of work produced. It is advised that the Clients make themselves aware of the rules of venues and officiants, and if necessary, negotiate for fewer and/or more favorable restrictions.


16. Non-Guarantee of Image Delivery: All decisions pertaining to culling, editing, and final image delivery shall be done at the sole discretion of the Photographer. The Photographer shall not guarantee delivery of any specific image, moment, or composition. It is possible that certain images may not adhere to the quality standards of the Photographer’s brand. If, for any reason, the Photographer deems an image unacceptable, there exists no obligation to deliver said image to the Client. The Photographer shall make a good faith effort to adhere to the Client’s requests as laid out in the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire. The Photographer is not liable for hindrances from photography caused by other vendors, venue layout, guests, individuals in the wedding party, family, or similar. The Photographer is not responsible for inclusion of persons who are not present or are uncooperative.


17. Second Shooter: As stated in above in the description of invoice, The Diezel Collection includes a Second Shooter which is the person who assists the Photographer during the entirety of the wedding event for Photography Services. They will be recording all sections of the wedding alongside the Photographer as he directs and coordinates. They are compensated for their efforts, time and will be staying with the Photographer at a nearby area for lodging, paid by the Photographer. If Second Shooter Hired by the Photographer cancels within 3 weeks of the wedding event, Photographer reserves the right to refund the Second Shooter monies to Client. In this event, Photographer will produce a "Solo Shooting Timeline" in order to effectively capture the Wedding Event. Photographer reserves the right to deliver any, a portion, or zero of the second shooters images if Photographer deems necessary.


18. Meals: Photographer(s) shall be provided a full guest meal for weddings concurrent within the Continuous Hours. If no meal is provided, the Photographer and Day-Of Content Creator reserve the right to go offsite for a meal for a time period of no longer than thirty (30) minutes. 


19. Harassment Clause: The Client hereby agrees to engage with the Photographer in an appropriate and civil manner. At no time and under no circumstance shall the Photographer tolerate abusive, violent, destructive, menacing, or harassing behavior from the Client and/or any agent or party acting on behalf of the Client. The Client understands I am limited by rules imposed by ministers, venue management, and any business-related individual who is involved in the actions of the Wedding Photography Event. The Photographer reserves the right to terminate services and will notify the Client, however, upon termination, there will be no return of prior payment.


20. Wedding Event Cancellation: Should the Client cancel the Wedding Event before final payment is due, the retainer is nonrefundable and non-transferable. Any additional monies paid shall be returned excluding all of the following: 1) the fees for photography services already performed and billed at a rate of $200 per hour, and 2) the actual Client cost for any services already delivered and not paid for separately. Should the Client cancel the Wedding Event within thirty (30) days of, or on the day of, the Wedding Event, and the final payment has been received, all monies paid are nonrefundable. Cancellation prior to the Wedding Event must be made in writing and signed by both parties. Cancellation initiated on the same day of the Wedding Event can be done verbally by the Client to the Photographer with no less than one adult witness.

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