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Lebanon Hills, MN Engagement Sesh | Emily + Trenton

Emily and I connected back in Winona went I was going for my Bachelor's as was she. I had done Boudoir photos for her back in 2020 and then she inquired for her engagement which I was SIKED about. She's always has brougt so much love and positive energy to the photoshoots and in life in general. I never get tired of seeing her face or her social media updates. She's always been a very upbeat and positive, optimstic woman. I truly admire her personality and how hard she's worked at the life she wants. Getting to be a part of her story in both vunerable and romantic versions is a huge honor. I met her boyfriend Trenton at Lebanon Hills for the first time and he's such a fun dude. So easy going and follows direction well (heheh for the men its a ⭐️).

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