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Hayward, MN Engagement Sesh | Sage + Jon

Oh what can I say but this was a career HIGH of an engagement session. I knew Sage from high school and she had booked me a year prior. I didn't know them that well but the first time I came over to visit and scout spots/brainstorm dieas, we hit it off instatly. Both of them are such kind-hearted indivduals who have motivational spirits to do productive things in their lives. Their parents own a beatiful farm in Hayard, MN and I got the opportunity to shoot ther engagement session on location. This session I wanted to remind myself to come to it with an open mind and try to "think outside the box" in terms of creativity. Welllll that came true because oh my GOD there were very specific shots I tried out with the sun coming in at a specific time and producing a Gif I never thought would've been imaginable. And here we are...


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