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Boho-Styled Wedding | Fairmont, MN | Chloe + Brady

When Chloe inquired about her wedding and began talking about the boho-styled vibe for her photos I was immediately hooked on wanting to capture her wedding. Her and Brady brought to life a beautiful event with her friends and family in Fairmont, MN. The moment I arrived to her house for getting ready photos, I was looking at the weather and it was a day of RAIN. Right before the first look happened on the dock in their backyard, thunder had come and my first thought was "start braintstorming where your going to shoot if it rains". Lucikly I found spots that were intimate and simple and didn't think I'd use for wedding their living room, garage, front porch, etc. Because of the weather Chloe was forced to make the move of putting the reception in the local arena and even though it was a tight squeeze for the rest of the photos while catering and family were arriving/setting up, it worked out.


Makeup: Koral Hargan

Bridemaids: Elagance Bridal


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