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Biracial Lesbian Wedding | LaCrosse, WI | Alexis + Katie

A big thank you to Alexis, Katie and entire family for having me. A joyous day with you at the Cargill Room in LaCrosse, WI! Working with you through your proposal photoshoot at Pinewood and then getting the inquiry for your big day. Shooting the engagement in Winona and photographing at all the fun spots was a great adventure and then we meet in LaCrosse later that year.

The one special part that's touched my heart is the opportunity of capture a Biracial Lesbian Wedding. Let me tell you, I welcome EVERYONE. A client is a client and everyone deserves to have the experiene they invested.

Gotta say, the color pallette to this big day was a pop of color! And with the beautiful greenery around the area is the cherry on top. Both of you had the nerves right before the first look and then everything fades away the rest of the day. So many emotions going through your mind but you knew how much love you were surrounded by.

I love you ladies. I appreciate the business and your time! This isn't a goodbye! 🩵


Florist: Rose Flower Cart

Wedding Coordinator: Kristina Schubert

Katie's Dress: The Wedding Tree

Alexis's Dress: David's Bridal

Bridemaids Dresses: Birdy Grey

Statgionary: Zazzle

Officiant: Annalizza Resch