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Abbie + Zach Engagement #1 | Owatonna, MN

Let me start by, I met these two when I was living in my first one bedroom apartment in Richfield, MN. It was at the pool area in the middle of summer, somehow we got to talking while a lot of residents were in the pool and celebrating the 4th of July. After a day of partying they had invited me over to their place to chill and hangout. And one day, Abbie began chatting about her wedding day and I mentioned my company. After discussing her potential inquiry one day I see it coming in and BOOM the photography discussion happens. After about a month of discussion, they sent in their retainer and we immediately chat about engagement locations. They come up with the idea of going to Owatonna with their Aunt has a beautiful home near a river and park. The entire shoot was a breeze, easy, fun, and a laid back time. Abbie + Zach are top notch people!



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